John was Chairman of the Guild for two years in 2012 and 2013, and has served on the Committee for three years.

He started turning in 2004 when he attended a 3-day turning course. He has always had a love of working with wood and making pieces, and as he was coming up to retirement he wanted to expand his area of expertise.

Although he doesn't really have a favourite tool, he does like to use the skew.

The thing he likes most about turning is the adaptability of the craft. There are so many shapes that can be made, and one of the joys of the Guild is learning new techniques from the visiting demonstrators.

The thing he dislikes most about turning is the clearing up part, so he likes to point out that he has a "working workshop".

His other hobbies include gardening, fly fishing and travel.



Clive has been turning for about 3 years now. He became inspired to take up the craft after having a much-loved tree cut down and wanting to do something creative with the wood.

His favourite tool is the bowl gouge.

The thing he likes most about turning is watching something beautiful evolve from a piece of wood.

The thing he dislikes most about turning is the dust!

Clive is also a musician. He plays the saxophone in 3 bands. He enjoys canoeing and kayaking.



Malcolm started turning in 2009 when he joined the Guild. He was inspired to take up turning after visiting the Guild's annual "Art in Wood" exhibition.

His favourite tool is sandpaper (he jests!). He likes all tools apart from the skew chisel, which he's only now getting to grips with.

The thing he likes most about turning is being able to take an idea and create it from scratch.

The thing he dislikes most about turning is having to clear up the mess afterwards!

When he gets the chance, he likes to garden and go sea fishing. He also enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.



Simon works as a Business Systems Manager for a national construction company.

He has been woodturning since 2011 when his wife, Louise, bought him a lesson with Keverne Dewick at Alby Crafts near Norwich. Hooked ever since, his favourite tool is his 3/8" swept back bowl gouge.

He likes watching the wood grain pop out on the first application of finish on a piece after sanding, but dislikes the dust generated by the sanding.

Simon also likes to cycle for exercise and shoot clay pigeons when time permits.



Mike has been woodturning in earnest for the last 10 years or so, but he actually first took to the lathe 60 years ago. He became interested in the craft as a great means to relax after a long stressful day at work.

His favourite tool is the bowl gouge.

He enjoys all aspects of turning, but if he had to say which areas he was less keen on, these would be sanding and finishing.

Mike also enjoys indoor bowling, entertaining, eating out and going on cruises.