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We presently have a membership of around 70, ranging from beginners to the more advanced turners.

Meetings are held at The Village Hall, 5 The Wyches, Little Thetford Ely, Cambs, CB6 3HG on the first Wednesday of every month starting at 7.15 p.m. We have a class for members who are beginners which runs for about 1 hour before the monthly EGW meeting starts. The tuition for this is given by one of our more experienced members.


Two competitions are held each month, one of which is open to all members and the other specifically for 'novices'. A copy of the competition rules are available to download here.


Wood can be purchased from wood suppliers who generally attend most meetings.


We have an average of 7 professional demonstrators a year with additional demonstrations given by our own members.

2024 annual subscriptions for the year are £45 per annum for adult membership and £22 per annum for junior membership. Please pay subscriptions to our Treasurer, Martin. The adult membership form can be downloaded here, and the junior membership form can be downloaded here.


Established 1988

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